Time Trial Information !!!

Saturday- Team Time Trials. *Boys will be racing at 7:00am (arrive by 6am), Girls will be racing at 7:30am (arrive by 6:30am). The All-Team-Picnic will follow the Time Trials (information attached). Remember, all athletes need to arrive one hour before their race time. Location: *Shawnee Mission Park- 7900 Renner Rd. *Directions to the park from school: Take 75th street to Quivira Rd.- turn left, take Quivira Rd, to 79th st,- turn right, take 79th st. to Renner rd. then enter the main entrance to the park. You will go right so you will be heading towards the lake’s marina. Go past the marina and over the lake’s dam. Once over the dam you will proceed up a hill. There is a parking lot on the right. Park your cars and proceed down the stream ways path about 800 meters. This will be the area where we will gather. If the lot fills up, you may park in the other lot across the street. That is the lot/picnic shelter we will be going to after the conclusion of the races.

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Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???


2015 XC Calendar

SME X-C '15 Season Schedule [+]

John Arnspiger named to All Metro Team

John Arnspiger was named to the All Metro 1st team. He was honored at a banquet last week by the ... [+]


state xc results 2014 [+]

Results Regionals Boys and Girls

regionals girl 2014 regionals boys 2014 [+]

Maddie Willson and Theresa McAlister STATE Bound

Maddie Willson placed 10th and Theresa McAlister placed 13th in the Regional meet yesterday. Their places were good enough to ... [+]

Boys team heading to STATE!

Boys team placed 2nd at regionals qualifying them to compete at state next Friday. John Arnspiger placed 2nd, Jack Young ... [+]

Congrats to Athletes that pr’d at League (RIM ROCK Course)

The following ATHLETES PR'd at League this week. They did so on one of the toughest courses in the country. ... [+]

Season Race Times for Girls

Girls Race Times-1 [+]

Season Race Times for Boys

Boys Race Times-2 [+]

League Results

2014 SFL GV 2014 SFL GJV 2014 SFL GC 2014 SFL BV 2014 SFL BJV 2014 SFL BC [+]

Results from Haskell invite

boys c team results boys var:jv results girls c team results girls var:jv results [+]

Maddie Willson and John Arnspiger break school record for 5K

Maddie Willson broke the girls 5K record previously held by Kelly Malarkey (2001). Maddie’s time was 19:13, and Malarkey’s time was ... [+]

Haskell Information NOTE RACES AND TIMES

TIME CHANGES!!! 10:30 Girls Varsity/JV (4K) 11:00 Boys Varsity/JV (5K) 11:30 Girls C Team (4K) 12:00 Boys C-Team (5K) The busses this Saturday will be leaving ... [+]

The Pepper and other info for end of season…from Tricia

What a great weekend in Fayetteville! A vast majority have personal bests, and two old records come tumbling down! John ... [+]

Link to Chile Pepper Festival Results

Boys: http://branchsportstech.com/2014_Meets/xc/10-04-ChilePepper/Web/Results.php?EN=5&SN=F&ST=Official Girls: http://branchsportstech.com/2014_Meets/xc/10-04-ChilePepper/Web/Results.php?EN=6&SN=F&ST=Official [+]

Rim Rock Results

Both the boys & girls teams represented Shawnee Mission East very well today. We had a representative medal in each ... [+]

Results Great Pumpkin Race

Great Pumpkin Race Boys Results Great Pumpkin Race Girls Results [+]

State Individual Rankings from KS mile split after first weekend!

John Arnspiger is ranked 4th in the state of KS.  He ran a 16:22.9 at the Greg Wilson Classic. Will Moore is ... [+]

Girls Individuals ranked in State after first weekend of competition

Maddie Wilson is ranked 4th in the state.  She ran a 14:57 at Greg Wilson. Theresa McAllister is ranked 26th in Kansas ... [+]

Only a Runner Would Understand

Only a Runner Would Understand


It's important to remember that each footstrike carries you forward, not backward. And every time you put on your running shoes you are different in some way than you were the day before. John "The Penguin" Bingham, Going with the Flow, The Penguin Chronicles Archive ******************************************************************************* You don't have to be elite to be a runner. It's all about setting a target, giving your best effort to achieve it, and being proud of whatever that effort results in. Daniel Pickle, Runner's World Challenger



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Running in the Rain

In cross country athletes generally run in their regular uniform shorts and singlet.  Your body warms up pretty quickly when you ... [+]

Answers on Muscle Cramps


How to use a foam roller…

How to use a foam roller to maximize your perfomance. http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/roll [+]

Description of Workouts…How and Why

Hills- running a steady pace up a hill usually 800 meters in length~ repeating this four to eight times. Intervals- a higher ... [+]

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How Do These Meets Work ????


The Dreaded Shin Splints…Yikes!

Shin splints are inevitable for some of our athletes this coming season. This is when you have pain along the side ... [+]

Tools for XC

Need new running shoes. If you haven't had new shoes in the last three months you need to invest in a ... [+]
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What is Your Game Day Strategy I

What is your game plan? What are you going to do in this race to insure that you get a ... [+]

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  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???
  • Time Trial Picnic…what to bring???

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