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XC Athletes…I know if you’re reading this….

If you are reading this than you might not be the one that is having problems, but....  We asked for your ... [+]

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Nutrition and Hydration

This information on Nutrition and Hydration is from another Cross Country team.  Please spend some time looking over the information.  It ... [+]

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Season is just around the corner….hope you are running!

Morning runs occurring 5 days a week. Get up and hit the roads. 7:00 at the cross country block…bring water and get your body in shape.

Only a Runner Would Understand

Only a Runner Would Understand

Coach's Blog

Running in the Rain

In cross country athletes generally run in their regular uniform shorts and singlet.  Your body warms up pretty quickly when you ... [+]

Answers on Muscle Cramps


How to use a foam roller…

How to use a foam roller to maximize your perfomance. [+]

Description of Workouts…How and Why

Hills- running a steady pace up a hill usually 800 meters in length~ repeating this four to eight times. Intervals- a higher ... [+]

Coaching Cues…Hills, Chutes and Bursts

We worked on hills yesterday in practice.  We demonstrated how you are to have big arms and big knee lift up ... [+]

Coaching Cues and Technique Tips and REACT

This blog will emphasize on some coaching cues and technique tips. Please review this blog so when we are coaching you ... [+]

How Do These Meets Work ????


The Dreaded Shin Splints…Yikes!

Shin splints are inevitable for some of our athletes this coming season. This is when you have pain along the side ... [+]

Tools for XC

Need new running shoes. If you haven't had new shoes in the last three months you need to invest in a ... [+]
Cross Country DC_MED

What is Your Game Day Strategy I

What is your game plan? What are you going to do in this race to insure that you get a ... [+]

REALLY…How Much CAN You Give??? Oh, and get a watch!!!

Our job, as coaches, is to get our athletes to give it their all.  Some kids are easily motivated.  Others, take ... [+]

Injuries and two sport athletes…

SME Lancer's XC competed at Baldwin Invitational this past weekend.  While the course was beautiful and the competition good, injuries, heat ... [+]

Nutrition and Hydration

This information on Nutrition and Hydration is from another Cross Country team.  Please spend some time looking over the information.  It ... [+]

Technique reminders!!!

You've been having great practices this week.  Hopefully you've learned some key things to help you during your race: Quick start to ... [+]

Cross Country Rules to Live By

Rules to Live by as a Runner at SME DISCIPLINE-Come to practice every day and be prepared to complete the workout ... [+]

How Bad Do You Want IT?

Runners Make the World Go ‘Round

Runners Make the World Go ‘Round

Lancer Day Parade: George Miller and Jack McDonald represent!

2013 XC Captains

2013 XC Captains

Seniors Annie Kuklenski, Jack McDonald and Juniors Will Moore and Hannah Arnspiger

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It's important to remember that each footstrike carries you forward, not backward. And every time you put on your running shoes you are different in some way than you were the day before. John "The Penguin" Bingham, Going with the Flow, The Penguin Chronicles Archive ******************************************************************************* You don't have to be elite to be a runner. It's all about setting a target, giving your best effort to achieve it, and being proud of whatever that effort results in. Daniel Pickle, Runner's World Challenger

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Crazy Hat and Sock Day…in the rain.

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